A Simple Road Trip Scenario in Canada

Road trips using cars have started to rise in many countries in recent years. Nothing wrong, there is indeed a sensation of adventure using the car. Plus, if a road trip uses a car, you can determine your destination more freely. Unlike when using public transportation like buses, trains or planes, with a road trip by car you are free to visit various places without the chase of time. There is no wonder when there are so many car rents including the rise of Enterprise Dorval airport because many people feel that having road trips can also save on food expenses. Thus, to save more, you may need to see this simple road trip scenario in Canada.

What to do in road trip?

As we said before, road trip is lot more affordable because you can cut the budget including food expense. Simply provide a mini stove or rice cooker, you can cook your own food. Besides being able to cook according to taste, it is also more efficient and healthier. When you want to do a road trip, especially out of town, surely you need a longer and more mature planning. Especially prepare the car to be ready to roam in long distances and long term. But you will also be more satisfied with the experience later, so the big effort done at the beginning will be worth it. You also can save on expenses for lodging. Maximize your car as a place to stay or use camping tents. as a place to stay, this is perfect if your vacation destination on the beach or in the hills.

The scenario

When we are going to have a road trip, we should have at least a plan or scenario for it.

  • Day 1

Start with Vancouver. From here you can start the adventure. Do you love animals? If so, then Vancouver must be on the list of places you will visit. It is served with beautiful views along the Sea to Sky Highway from Vancouver to Whistler. Here, you can see a variety of whales, ranging from killer whales, humpback whales, orca whales, to seals and sea lions. Exciting, right? Guaranteed you will be satisfied because this whale watching tour lasts for 3-4 hours.

  • Day 2

You can continue the 300km journey from Whistler to Kamloops was very impressive. Not tired of the eye looking at the beauty of the face of the earth created by God. You can stop Highway 99 and Trans-Canadian Highway before arriving at Kamloops. Stop by at Nairns Falls Park, Joffre Provincial Park, Duffey Provincial Park, and several other interesting places along the way to make yourself healthy.

  • Day 3

Travel 530km from Kamloops (British Columbia) to Hinton (Alberta). After a 2 hours drive, we spent 4 hours in Wells Gray Provincial Park to see wild salmon at Baileys Chute and buried the beauty of Spahats Creek Falls and Helmcken Falls. Onwards, we continue our journey to Alberta.

The days planned depend on how the traffic will go. It might need more days when you are too tired on road and you need to stop for a while.